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23 Nov.


November 23, 2018 @ 18:30 - November 26, 2018 @ 10:00 UTC+2


The month of November finds us in the picturesque country of Luxembourg exploring the Dance of Yoga and the Yoga of Dance! Movement is the essence of human existence and expressive movement has been with us since our inception. The utmost goal of Yoga and Chi Kung (Qigong) is to reach a level where movement just happens by itself in an effortless way with the mind simply watching as it follows the natural movements the body spontaneously performs.

What we will do are dance-like movements inspired from Yoga and Qigong progressing into a free flow expressive dance. We will focus on each energy centre (chakra) in our body and how we can express and connect with each one. Each chakra affects different physical and psychological parts of our being and different movements are required for their stimulation. The whole organism will move and dance as we will work solo, in pairs and in groups. There will be a Relaxation time to let the energy calm down and Mindfulness Meditation for integration and unity.

This is not a special type of dance but an inner type of free movement that originates from the depths of our existence. You will learn to strengthen and trust your intuition as you still the mind and listen to your inner voice. You will dance away all the limitations of fear, anger, sorrow, negativity and guilt that inhibit the connection with your true pure self.

Our Yoga Dance forms an invigorating and strengthening but at the same time relaxing and liberating activity. Our foundation is the breath and how it vibrates and fuels all of our movements. On the physical level, the yoga will help to create flexibility and balance, while the dance will create strength and toning. Every part of the body is used and worked taking advantage of the best that both yoga and dance have to offer creating a complete body workout.

On the mental level, combining yoga and dance moves the mind from static to flowing and back to static. It reminds us that life is ever-changing. Sometimes we need to be flexible or balanced and still.

We invite you all to come with an open heart and mind in order to experience the unity of your physicality, mentality and spirituality … Just take off your shoes, and simply get up and dance!

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Date: November 23, 2018 @ 18:30 - November 26, 2018 @ 10:00 UTC+2
Time: 18:30 - 10:00
Organizer Name: Yoga In Greece
Phone: +30