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26 Jun.


June 26 @ 19:00 - July 3 @ 19:00 UTC+2


We invite you to a yoga program that will mobilise all of you! Our priority is your level of connection with yourself and realisation that all processess of Healing flow through you. Your life is the outcome of your deep rooted cellular beliefs, your thoughts, your words and eventually your actions.  Enjoyment of life begins when we are consciously aware and exert some sense of control in our minds and in our daily actions.  This program will make your body stronger, it will stretch your mental and physical muscles and bring you joy and fulfilment.  Through a combination of yoga, qigong, calisthenics, yogic breathing, fast pace walking, swimming and related exercises in & out of the sea, we guarantee you will feel completely rejuvenated, refreshed and energised!  We have created a program that utilises your own physical resources in order to advance your health in a balanced way.  You follow your own body’s wisdom as it is the only coach that knows better your limits.  Our exercise field is a 3 km beach front with soft sand and crystal clear waters overlooking the sunset and the island of Paros.  We provide you with the ideas, we exercise together, we encourage you and we swim together in the water.  Ultimately though, it is you who chooses the intensity, repetitions, and length of the activities.  It is a great way to start the day and although it may add years to your life, it will definitely add health, pleasure and fun in your days!
The daily program starts at 07:00 with a 20 minute fast walk (according to your own pace). We continue with cleansing and invigorating pranayama (yogic breathing) to awaken and stir the energy in the body followed by callisthenics, sun salutations, Qigong or related movements. Then we move into the crystal clear morning sea for a refreshing swim and we end with specific pranayama for complete relaxation and a restful heart rate. Sometimes the program is reversed, so we begin with Aqua exercises & swimming, followed by Qigong or Syrua Namaskar and Pranayama on the sand dunes. The morning session lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours.
After a nutritious breakfast, the day is yours to explore the island, to swim, to rest, read and reflect.
At 19:00, we have the evening session of gentle Yoga asanas, Antigravity or Qigong which ends with Meditation at the sound of flute as the sun sets.
Exploring the island, Naxos has many marvellous ancient sites to admire and explore. The Sanctuary of Demeter (goddess of harvest) , also known as the Temple of Sangri, is a Late Archaic Greek temple probably built around 530 BC It represents one of the earliest buildings in of Ionic order and it was completely made of local marble. There are also three ancient Kouroi, dating back to the 8th and 6th centuries BC, who also find their home in Naxos. These represent free-standing, ancient Greek, nude young males. The kouroi from Naxos are impressive in size. Without any doubt, however, the Portara, or Great Door, remains the most famous archaeological presence on the island. This massive marble doorway stands close to the port, on an islet called Palatia or the island of Ariadne connected to the mainland with a strip of land. Also, the temple of Dionysus (5th century BC) is very near to where we stay.

At night, the atmosphere is so clear that you can see the Milky Way…!


Let your Healing happen now in Naxos!

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Date: June 26 @ 19:00 - July 3 @ 19:00 UTC+2
Time: 19:00 - 19:00
Venue: Naxos