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Vipassana-Mindfulness meditation

Vipassana-Mindfulness meditation

When the mind becomes quiet and still the heart opens and all things are possible.

Meditation is the culmination of yoga. Vipassana meditation is a special way to see things as they really are, bypassing any constrains and obstacles of the mind. It is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. Sitting quietly, in an effortless and comfortable way we observe the natural flow of respiration (Anapanna), thoughts, feelings and sensations.

We are aware of all inner experiences as they unfold, stay for sometime and pass away in their own time. Awareness and equanimity are the foundations of Vipassana. Equanimity means that you remain calm and relaxed to all kinds of inner sensations and experiences.

As awareness gradually widens, all thoughts of past and future disappear and the mind is fully absorbed and conscious of the present ever-changing reality…Mindfulness. The result is a full embrace of all of you and all there is without any judgment and with complete love and compassion for all forms of life (Metta).

It is a very therapeutic and healing technique that leads to a strong, attentive and pure mind full of love, kindness, joy and serenity.

May you all experience love, joy and peace in your life!



Vipassana-Mindfulness meditation